The research carried out by the Economist with the contributions of TSKB Real Estate Appraisal, has shown the regions that are expected to make the most premiums in the next few years. These regions are located in İzmir, Ankara and Bursa besides Istanbul.

In this context, in terms of housing investments Kayaşehir, Zekeriyaköy in Istanbul, Mavişehir, Bayraklı and Bornova in İzmir, Eskişehir Road-Ümitköy-Çayyolu-Bağlıca with İncek in Ankara, Balat and Altınşehir in Bursa are valued in the last three years and are expected to continue to be valued in the next three years.

As an office investments Ataşehir, Maltepe-Kartal and Seyrantepe in Istanbul,; New City Center, Bornova and Alsancak in Izmir,; Eskisehir Road and Konya Road in Ankara; Nilüfer-Odunluk and Yıldırım-Ankara Road in Bursa, are come into prominence.

As a land investmens in Kayaşehir, Arnavutköy and Çekmeköy Istanbul, Bornova-Pınarbaşı and Bornova-Ankara Road, Bayraklı in Izmir, Çankaya-Mustafa Kemal district and Oran-İlkbahar in Ankara; Osmangazi Demirtas and Nilufer Görükle in Bursa are attract attentions.

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As Viso Global, our humble recommend is to consider Çanakkale especially about land investments. It is an ideal city for investment with its sincere people, nature, proximity to each of the three metropolises, the newly launched bridge on the Dardanelles and therefore the highways to the bridge.

Your investments may not necessarily inside the country. If you want to make affordable investments in abroad, please contact us by phone or e-mail. If you let us know the spcifications of the property you are looking for, we will be able to return with your favorable portfolio within a few days.

Value of Real Estate

Would not you like to know the value of your real estate (house, office, land)? Property Valuation Companies that authorized by the Capital Markets Board (CMB) are provided valuation services within the boundaries of the CMB legislation, to sell, to rent at the right price or to assess your land with the best possible investment

Viso Global takes your valuation request and allows you to receive professional service from the institutions authorized by the T.R.Prime Ministry Capital Market Board which has provided countless services in this regard and conversant with your region. Meanwhile we follow the process on your behalf.

Some General Property Concepts

Real Estate: Common name of immovable property such as house, plot, vineyard, garden, field, and land.
Plot & Block: Map section.
Land: Plot of land that structuring order and usage are determined and completed within the scope of the construction plan. Zoning lot is the other name of land.
Zoning Status: Document specifying the dimensions and limits of the construction parcels, the way they are used in the zoning plan and the technical conditions of the building to be constructed.
Construction Servitude: Easement right established in accordance with the Law on Condominium Ownership by the property owner or co-owners of the land, to be a subject of condominium ownership in the future for detached sections under construction or to be made.
Occupancy Permit: Permission to use the building for residence.
Condominium: The right to private property established in accordance with the Law on Condominium Ownership by the owner or co-owners of the property on detached sections of a completed structure that are suitable for individual use.
Annotation: Registration of some personal rights in title deed.
Property Statement: Certificate given to the municipality which is proving that you are a property owner.

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